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By Pirooz Sarshar

Pirooz 2 christopher robbins photoPRZMan founder Pirooz Sarshar, a men’s lifestyle and grooming guru who has produced nearly 100 online videos viewed by more than 3 million viewers. His irreverent yet deeply informative men’s lifestyle platform at PRZMAN “The Institute of Manhood” -- gets 40,000 unique visitors per month.  Sarshar describes PRZMAN as the place where “the brainy, the brawny and the regular bro can find the tools every guy needs” to be the best brand of man he can be.

So, whether you're going on an audition, a new job interview or a date these tips are sure to help you look your best. 

1. Prepare

It’s best to shave while taking a warm shower or right afterwards. The heat will open your pores and the steam will help beard hairs become softer and more pliable.

Dead skin cells, flakes and grime left on your skin can clog the razor blade. Use an exfoliant and face wash suited to your skin type. Regular bar soap used for your body is not pH balanced for your face, and will leave your skin feeling dry, tight and irritated after you shave.

2. Use Shave Oil

A can of shaving cream and a basic razor are a recipe for ugly ingrown hairs, nicks and cuts. Instead, start with a shave oil. It’s designed to sit on the surface of your skin and lift the hairs away from your face. Massaging oil into your skin prior to shaving will also provide extra lubrication for your blade, and protect you from razor burn and irritation.

Forget using foaming creams, as they contain pockets of air that pump up the foam; so your razor ends up catching more foam than actual hair. Some foam will be created naturally when you swirl or smooth your cream/gel.

3. Don’t Drag

Don’t drag your razor. Instead, hold it at a 90-degree angle and shave with the grain of your hair, usually downward. Use short strokes and rinse the blade often. Use your non-dominant hand to stretch the skin gently; creating a smooth and even surface for the blade.

Shave your cheeks first. Leave your neck, chin and upper lip for last. These areas are more susceptible to nicks and irritation, so taking extra time with the oil and cream can help.

4. Touch It Up

Run your hands over your face to notice any spots you may have missed. It’s easy to skip spots along your jaw, ears, lips or below your nose. If you find a patch, simply dab the skin with warm water. The water will refresh the shave oil and you can mow those missed hairs with ease.

Once you’re finished, rinse your face with cool water to cleanse the skin. The sudden change to cool water will close your pores.

5. Protect

A little aftershave does wonders for protecting the skin. Avoid aftershaves that contain alcohol, as they’ll sting your freshly shaved skin and dry it out. Instead, look for moisturizing ingredients like essential oils, aloe or shea butter. Aftershave also provides a barrier for bacteria that can cause breakouts. And frankly, it just smells nice!

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