Artist Jocelyn Josef Brings
New Signature Style ‘Squarism’ To The World of Art

By Amber Topping

All the way from the beautiful island of Oahu, artist Jocelyn Josef (who now currently resides in LA) brings a unique, new art genre to the world called “Abstract Pop Squarism.” Jocelyn, a graduate of The Art Institute of Seattle, has been featured in various magazines like Honolulu Weekly and Innov8 Magazine and is now here at REAP to talk about her background and share more about her signature style.


Can you talk a little bit about your background and what inspired you to pursue a career as a painter?

My education background is in Interior Design, however, I have been painting since I was 3. I didn’t realize my passion for painting until I was in my 20’s after backpacking through Europe and visiting the Picasso Museum in Paris.

You created your own style of art called “Squarism.” How did you first come up with the idea? And how would you describe Sqaurisum to people who aren’t familiar with what you do?

The Squarism idea took 15 years to perfect. I explored different texture concepts, I researched the Masters who worked with texture, Van Gogh and Picasso.

Squarism is the combination of Picasso’s Cubism and Modernist period. It is layers of Acrylic squares on canvas – a continuous layer of squares in an emotional sequence pattern that dance off the canvas.

You’ve mentioned that Picasso has been a huge inspiration. In what way has he influenced your work? Are there any other artists that inspire and influence you?

There are many talented Artists out there that inspire me, however, I feel most inspired by Picasso’s work.

His passion screams off the canvas to me. For an Artist to struggle so hard in the beginning of his career and never stop because he was so devoted to his work, is the most inspirational. His work ethics and beliefs to his passion is so amazing that his work still lives on after his death. That’s pretty powerful.

Are there other factors that inspire your work? Personal experiences, beliefs or even people for instance?

I mostly paint self-portraits. My personal experiences I paint are memories good, bad or tragic. Being a strong Christian, I do paint inspiration verses from the Bible. My paintings are large scale pieces.

What projects or paintings are you working on right now?

I just completed a 12 piece Collection entitled “A Journal of a Woman in Love.” In this collection, I have a 4 piece series inspired by biblical references, along with self-portraits based on personal memories and loved ones in my life.

Is there any message or impression you hope to leave with people who see your paintings?

I want the colors of each piece to transcend an emotion to the viewer. The colors and the dance of the squares tell the story. If I captured the emotion well, the viewer will feel exactly what I feel.

What is the best way to follow you and your projects?

My website or my IG: My IG is the best way because I post completed pieces as I finish them. 




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