Diary Of A Feature Film: STEVIE - D by Chris Cordone

My path to filmmaking is not uncommon.  When I was living in New York City in the late 1990s, everyone wanted to be a part of the independent film movement that was reaching its height.  I had already been exposed to the great American cinema of the 30s, 40s and 50s through my father, a major film enthusiast.  I also had a beloved Italian teacher in college who was mad about Italian cinema, and thus had the opportunity to study the great Italian neorealist films.  Combining these influences along with my own desire to create, I enrolled in my first filmmaking classes in night school at NYU and the New School.  I had also been studying acting and since that was opening more doors for me at the time, I decided to return to filmmaking when I had developed more of my own stories and had furthered my career as an actor.  

Fast forwarding to many years later and now living in Los Angeles, I realized that not only had I not achieved what I wanted to as an actor, but I had also moved very far away from my original dreams of telling stories through film.  I committed myself to writing and began working on a father-son story that I hoped would allow me to work with an actor, John Aprea, who had been mentoring me since I moved to LA. Read on

Diary Of A Feature Film: Hybrids by Peter Wooley

"Hybrids?...What the hell are you talking about, Tony? We both drive a Prius. What else do you need to know? The world does not care to know how, what, when, where, or why a car got built in script form, yet. Tony, take a rest. Go home to Italy, and look out on that Terranian Sea and write something about two old men wanting to make a movie. Now that’s something we know something about.”

Tony Schweikle, my partner in crime was telling me about this half-assed idea he had for a script. “Listen, Dummy, this is a good and current idea, and I’m gonna’ damn well write it. Play this on your piano: Brother and sister-late teens, early twenties-their father is a vampire and their mother is a witch. They live in this old, cold castle up inna’ mountains. They are home schooled and rarely get an opportunity to mingle with the masses, and they have the abilities of both a true witch and a true vampire.” Read on

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