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INDIE EYE is like having your own PR department - and it's FREE!  It doesn't get much better than that!

Once you have finished your project  [and this can be for virtually any kind of creative or tech project] - INDIE EYE gives you the ability to PROMOTE AND PUBLICIZE  your accomplishments by posting their current and future status.  FOR EXAMPLE:  You just finished producing a film and have been accepted into several film festivals - INDIE EYE provides the perfect platform for you to inform the audience you have built and the audience you will continue to build on REAP about all of your latest achievements. You can post screenings, album release dates, fashion shows, theatre productions, YouTube videos, book publishing launches and signings, restaurant and club openings, gallery exhibits, pop-up store events, DJ gigs, concert schedules, performance venues, TV/WEB/FILM/RADIO appearances, etc.


From Ilhame Paris - Girls & Boys

Watch this sensational new video by French singer, Ilhame Paris.  Like her on Facebook and Follow her on Twitter or visit her website 



From Stinson McClendon & Rodney Thompson - Still Jammin'



Kansas City, along with New Orleans, Chicago, and New York is considered one of the four cradles where America’s only indigenous music, Jazz, developed. Before becoming renowned throughout the world, it was in Kansas City that local 627, one of a handful of Black unions across the nation, was formed in 1917 facilitating the dynamic growth of a style of jazz that would have a far-reaching influence on the evolution of music in America.

From the roster of Local 627 would come legends in American Jazz history like Andy Kirk, Mary Lou Williams, Coleman Hawkins, Jay “Hootie” McShann, “Big” Joe Turner, Count Basie, Charlie “Yard Bird” Parker and Claude “Fiddler” Williams to name a few.  “Still Jammin” contains rare interviews and performances by many of the above-mentioned artists including a remarkable musical exchange between the extraordinary Charlie “Yard Bird” Parker and the legendary Coleman Hawkins.

The film follows the struggles of union officials to maintain possession of their identity and historic building during the era of forced mergers.   See how Local 627 survived to become the Mutual Musicians Foundation and the building designated a National Historic Landmark.

“Still Jammin” is a film that reinforces the reason Kansas City was called “the Paris of the Plains” by many jazz historians.

“Still Jammin” will premiere at 5:00 PM, Saturday February 1, 2014 at the San Diego Black Film Festival.  The screening will take place at the Reading Gaslamp 15 Theatre located at 701 5th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH TRAILER 


From Jean Pierre (JP) Durrand, Liza Carbe and Incendio

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 1.16.29 PMAn exotic melody accompanies a desert caravan moving beneath a blazing sun. The sound of waves wash against a pristine South American beach. A lone flamenco guitar echoes through the cobbled streets of old Sevilla. And a lilting three quarter time rhythm conjures images of the rolling green hills of Ireland. The music is cinema. It is sound given shape and color. This is the music of Incendio.

If you are in California, try to catch them. They are playing in Temecula, Altadena, Ridgecrest and Culver City. For more information and dates check out their website here.

From Stanley Dyrector 

Marilyn Monroe and Phil (a one-act play) by Joyce Dyrector and Stanley Dyrector. Based on true events. Marilyn Monroe went to New York to study with Lee Strasberg at the Actors Studio, and on her first day in class, she was assigned to do a scene with Phil, a short, 20ish struggling character actor. He is skeptical that she will call, but she does. When she comes over to his apartment to rehearse, she looks around at the way he is living and begins to clean his apartment. As they talk and rehearse, we get to know the real Marilyn Monroe and not the image. Published by Brooklyn Publishers. Available for purchase as a stand alone play at this link or as part of the anthology, Chew On This, here.

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