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Top Ten Celebrity Apps

By Kia Dargahi

In the modern world, everything is done with our mobile devices, and I’m not exaggerating. When it comes to celebrities, whether they are movie actors or pop stars, they are bound to have a fanbase. That’s why when the mobile boom became so prevalent; these celebrities (or their marketing campaigns) decided to use this industry to their advantages. An array of apps has spawned that are centered on celebrities or television shows. This will highlight some of the best there exist out there:

ARTPOP110. Artpop for iOS and Android (free)

Lady Gaga’s app allows any fan to follow her music and news in one central hub. Not only is this an easier way to keep track of all activity, but also a way to hear bonus or edited out soundtracks of some of her songs. You’ll be living in the applause. Check the app out here.

ModernFamilyApp19. Modern Family FanFront for Android (free)

Fanfront is a well-known developer amongst the Android community and delivers content for all kinds of TV shows, ranging from the most popular sitcoms to obscure children’s shows. Its Modern Family application, however, is one of its most highly rated, offering a fully immersive experience for anyone to be able to catch up with the latest news or talk about the show with fellow fans. It is a truly modern service to the fans.

TaylorSwiftApp18. Taylor Swift Greeting Cards for iOS and Android (free)

This particular one can definitely hold the title for most unique celeb app. This work of coding can allow any Taylor Swift fanatic to send personalized cards with thousands of different customization options to anyone through email or message. You can even include some of her music as a part of the card! This definitely caught my attention and is designed well enough to make sure that you won’t have trouble when you walk in sending greeting cards.

AvrilLavigneapp17. Avril Lavigne official app for iOS and Android (free)

If you’re into Avril Lavigne’s music, then this app is for you. Her application centralizes all of her music and music videos along with her news, all in one simple destination accessible on both iOS and Android. The app has different aesthetics depending on whether it’s used on iOS or Android, and essentially conforms itself homogenously to each platform. This is a well-designed application that any Avril Lavignet fan would enjoy.

Lakersapp16. Lakers Mobile App for iOS and Android (free)

This goes for any NBA team, but the Los Angeles Lakers are going to be represented from this Los Angeles-based magazine. The Lakers app offers tons of insight, game tactics, and news for all Lakers fans. It allows the fans to follow Kobe, Pau, or Nash’s road to success in the recent season. Pictures, scores, statistics, highlights, and videos will all be included in this slam-dunk of an official application.

Christiano1Renaldiapp5. Cristiano Ronaldo official app for iOS and Android (free)

Boy, is this app sleek! Star Real Madrid and Portuguese player Christian Ronaldo has an app dedicated entirely to him that lets anyone participate actively in his forums, photos, and videos. Something special about this app is that it awards users points (called CR credits) in order to unlock exclusive content. Users can also opt to buy CR credits within the app. This is one free kick you won’t want to miss!

Obama1forAmerica4. Obama for America for iOS and Android (free)

Well, Obama isn’t entirely a celebrity, but the app sure is well made! This application offers news, facts, and a general ton of information in regards to his 2012 campaign. Why is it still relevant now, you ask? Well, for one, it paves the way for a future wave of these kinds of apps for future campaigns, and it foreshadows a mobile-dominated way to become politically active. I tip my hat to the Obama administration for creating this mobile and political bandwagon.

Training1withMessi3. Training with Messi - Official Leo Messi Foundation Game for iOS (2.99)

This is a unique approach to making a large fanbase content with a certain famous soccer player. Considered the current best soccer player in the world, Lionel Messi has had a foundation create a game for fans to play with finesse just like the player himself. This app also contains a social aspect that lets a fan keep up with all things relating to Lionel Messi as well as photos and videos of the player. You won’t find any penalties with this app!

Tiesto1app2. Tiësto official for iOS (99 cents)

Legendary DJ Tiësto’s app comes to us by the Pente Group and offers an experience like none other. Not only does it include the usual package of full fan experience (news, shows, music), but it can award VIP memberships to those who opt in. VIPs receive the latest unheard soundtracks before any official release. What an exciting treat for an electronic fan!

CalvinHarris11. Calvin Harris 18 Months music app for iOS and Android (free)

You’d have to have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard a song from British DJ Calvin Harris’ hit album 18 Months. This official application shockingly brings the entire album to the user for free. Now, keep in mind that you have to be in the app to use the music, but it still offers a fantastic service to the fans. Not only this, but exclusive content and bonus soundtracks are also included as a part of the package. What a way to kick off the new year!

There you have it: 10 well-designed applications to look out for any true fan of a certain star. Have any of these intrigued you? Didn’t even know these kind of apps existed? Let us know down in the comment section.

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