Life As Improv

By Christine Brondyke

The beauty of improv is that we are  constantly challenged to find a way to say "yes" to whatever is tossed our way. Whether in comedic realms or jamming in a musical session, improv is all about flowing with the moment--receiving what's been offered and then responding.

Such can, and should be, the practice in all of life. When we approach life as an opportunity to play, invent, and to say "Yes!" to what shows up, it becomes Art. Sometimes it's dramatic, sometimes comical, but always fresh and new. walk in the door after a long day at work and your loved one heaves a big sigh and immediately complains about all the bills that came in the mail today. How do you respond? Could you find a way to say "yes" to this toss from the Universe? Or would you instead choose to avoid a scene and/or reject the offering because it didn't come in the right way? Seeing all of life as an improv allows us to ask how we might respond creatively and begin living life as Art instead of feeling burdened by a life that constantly challenges or victimizes us.

As with any art form, we get better with practice. If you look closely, you might find lots of places in your life where you've said "no" to your life's experiences.

"I don't want to be broke."
"I don't want to be depressed"
"No. I don't care to talk to you right now."
"I don't want to have to try again"

All human suffering comes from rejecting what's happening in the moment. Saying "No" to what is reality. We do it so often we don't even realize that we've become slaves to our experience instead of playful, powerful, improvisers capable of transforming ourselves and our experience through the power of Yes!

We can choose to respond playfully, instead of as a victim--Choose to honor the truth instead of telling myself things should be different--Choose to recommit to the Art of Living well--instead of rejecting, complaining, and avoiding.

Life is giving you all of the material you need to make beautiful art. Will you say "yes!"?

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