Top 5 Expected Changes To The iPhone 6

By Kia Dargahi

Just a few hours short of WWDC, we know that Apple are about to heat things up with some new software, iOS 8 and OS 10.10 being the stars of the show. This being said, a new iPhone won’t pop up at Apple’s yearly tech showcasing. This hasn’t stopped the rumor mill going crazy with iPhone 6 leaks however including the supposed back housing. There is a lot to be learned merely from this back panel as well as a few rumors of features of this phone and I’ll be naming the top 5 most probable and to some extent beneficiary changes to the iPhone 6 so let’s kick it off with number 5:

5. NFC

This particular rumor appears nearly every time a new iPhone has been mentioned, dating back to the iPhone 5 (that was 2 years ago!!). The seemingly ancient technology has allowed for third party accessories to easily sync with the phone with the battery draining of Bluetooth or the nuisance of cordage. The rumor has a little more backing to it in that if the above image is indeed the back housing, there is a cutout in the Apple logo which would indicate a pretty ideal location for an antenna of some sort or in this case, the location in which NFC would be effectuated. All in all, it appears that NFC accessories is just a royalty to users but it has been a feature missing from iPhones but present in the competition for some time. Following this precise trend, let’s move on to number 4.


4. Water/Dustproofing

I personally think that this is the least likely of the list to make it onto the final product (perhaps we’ll see this on the iPhone 6S as an incentive to upgrade). This being said, the android competition has recently made water and dust proofing somewhat of a norm on flagships such as the Xperia Z2 or the GS5. Having such a practical feature on an iPhone, even if limited water/dust proofing, would make the iPhone a better rounded product for the mass markets and would allow for an incentive for android users to switch over to Apple’s flagship. Common in nearly every major revision to an iPhone’s design, let’s move on to number 3

3. Better Form Factor

It seems that the phrase “the new iPhone is blank percent thinner and blank percent lighter” is somewhat of a norm to the major design updates to iPhones. In the photo shown above, an alleged iPhone 6 aluminum mold (consistent with the first photo of the back shell) is being compared to all previous iPhones. The rear shell is allegedly 6mm in depth, a considerable drop from the iPhone 5S’s 7.6mm depth. The result is an ultra-thin handset with, more importantly, rounded edges. I myself use an HTC one and can appreciate its curvature, as it feels excellent in hand. When I hold iPhones for extended periods of time, I notice that my hand starts to cramp and is remarkably uncomfortable in comparison to my android device. These newly rounded edges and overall increase in size should prove better to hold in hand and use in general, but we’ll save the size increase for another number… Let’s move onto number


2.2. New and Improved Camera

Take a look at the cameras of the iPhone 5S and alleged iPhone 6 in the photo above; notice anything different? That’s right! The iPhone 5S has a dual LED flash while the iPhone 6 appears to only have one. “Are they mad? Have they gone completely bonkers?” I thought the same too at first glance; however, with a recent patent release from Apple, the one LED flash sort of excites me. Apple is supposedly preparing a sensor that will be able to capture colors so well even at night that a regular flash will suffice and in fact will complement the new camera. This, in a nutshell, means that the camera will be hugely impressive, even though it is rumored that it will remain at 8MP. If anything, it’s a good thing that Apple isn’t caught up in the MP specs race with the other android competitors and appears to be taking an HTC route, as I don’t think that anyone will argue that the iPhone takes great looking pictures and videos. So we’ve finally made it, I hinted at number 1 earlier so perhaps the surprise element of it isn’t quite there but we’ll be keeping true to number 1 right now!.


1. Increase in Screen Size

Man oh man I never thought that I’d see the say that Apple finally increase the size of their phones significantly. The bump up from 3.5 inches to the 4 inches of the iPhone 5 was a joke to say the least. In comparison to the android titans of today, the iPhone 5S appears to be a toy made for a child; it is way too small in the current market. Heck, even in 2010 handsets were around 4.3 inches big and Apple was still adamant on 3.5 inches (but those were the days of Steve Jobs may he R.I.P.). Who knows, if Jobs was still around today, we may not even have had the increase from 3.5 to 4 inches! But I digress, This screen size is significant in a number of ways. First and foremost, it is evidently important in that there will ultimately be a more user friendly feel to the device in that your fingers will not be cramped in trying to type even the simplest thing (don’t try and convince me typing is easy on iPhones, it just isn’t). The 4.7 inch screen is a great size for a device and has been seen on previous handsets such as the Moto X and HTC one, phones that have received praise for their feel in hand. There is no doubt that Apple will use the increase in screen real estate to their advantage, perhaps by adding an extra row to their home screen just as they did with iOS 6 and the iPhone 5. All in all, if there was ever a reason that I left iPhones, it was the screen size, and now that it’s relevant in size once more, who knows, I may be due for an early upgrade…

In conclusion, Apple is trying to draw attention to its flagship once more by adding elements that honestly should’ve been on the previous iterations of the iPhone. Updates such as increase in processing power were somewhat evident and were thus left out of this list as these are more or less novel additions to Apple’s cellphone. So, are you excited for the imminent launch of the iPhone 6 (rumored to be early September)? Not impressed by Apple’s improvements? Chime in down below!

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