Five Bands That Need To Come Out Of Hiatus

By Mary Carreon

There are few things as devastating as finding out one of your favorite bands is going on a hiatus. As hiatuses have evolved into a trend, especially for bands that have made money, it’s uncertain how long any hiatus will last. When a band goes on a hiatus, it means it’s going on a break, which suggests it’s temporary. A hiatus implies that a band will reconvene after having time to decompress.

If that’s the case, then what’s the deal with the bands that have had a decade or longer “break”? Isn’t 10 years a little long to be considered temporary? Needless to say, there are some bands that have had enough time off and need to get back in the saddle. Here are five bands and musicians who need to take a hiatus from their hiatuses and begin making music and touring again.

whitest boy alive bamd1. Whitest Boy Alive: The Berlin-based Norwegians hit the ground running with their albums Dreams, released in 2006, and Rules, released in 2009. Stellar bass lines and catchy lyrics are the driving forces behind the band’s unique indie-electronic sound. The four-piece group became the underground star of the hybrid electronic-rock genre as soon as it joined the music-festival circuit in 2010, which included a performance at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. The band hasn’t done anything in the way of making new music or touring in the last 3½ years. As 2014 is on the horizon, hopefully new music and performances from Whitest Boy Alive are on the horizon, too.

Fugees2. The Fugees: Wyclef Jean, Pras Michel, and Lauryn Hill, the famous trio known as the Fugees, thrived during the golden age of hip-hop. Forming in the early ‘90s, the band didn’t gain fame until mid-decade and disbanded shortly after to pursue solo careers. The Fugees reunited for a brief moment in 2004, and again in 2005, only to have attitudes and egos destructively clash. Although the band played several big performances and completed a European tour, the relationships between the members of the Fugees were no longer amicable. In 2005, the Fugees announced it was going on an indefinite hiatus and leaving the new album that was in the works incomplete. In 2007, Jean told British magazine Blues & Soul that Hill needs psychiatric help and that until she gets it, the Fugees will remain on hiatus.

As the Fugees are creeping up on nine years of being on a hiatus, it’s about time they get their act together. Nine years is enough time to reflect, clear your head, get help, and make amends, don’t you think?

the smiths. band3. Morrissey/The Smiths: Last March, Morrissey cancelled his U.S. tour halfway through and announced that he was going on a hiatus after being diagnosed with a condition called Barrett’s esophagus. The condition is caused by gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD) and results in severe damage to the esophagus. Although unlikely, the condition can also lead to esophageal cancer. Morrissey’s reason for going on a hiatus is more than understood—in fact, it’s necessary. As his condition could potentially take his life, it would be heartbreaking if Morrissey journeyed to the other side. I mean, without Morrissey, fans can kiss the fantasy of a Smiths’ reunion goodbye.

The Smiths haven’t played together since they disbanded in 1987 for reasons Morrissey has said are “really abstract.” There’s been much speculation since the early 2000’s, however, suggesting that a Smith’s reunion isn’t entirely impossible. Maybe this is exactly what the band needs. Perhaps Morrissey’s potentially life-threatening condition will inspire The Smiths to seize the opportunity and reunite. The classic indie rockers who rose to fame in the ‘80s have remained idle for 26 years—it would be a shame not to give the beloved band another shot before it’s too late!

OUTCAST-BAND14. OutKast: Andre 3000 and Big Boi, the famous rap duo known as OutKast, gained fame in 1994 with the release of their first album Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. The group incorporated funk, soul, rock, jazz, and blues into its music, giving rap from the early ‘90s a new twist. When referencing early hip-hop, OutKast is often one of the first groups mentioned. The group made its name through original rhymes and beats, and made the South seem like a beautiful place. The duo produced successive top-notch albums 1994-2006, making OutKast’s contribution to the hip-hop genre monumental.

In 2007 the two announced they were going on an indefinite hiatus to pursue solo careers. Unlike most who go on a hiatus, Big Boi stated in an interview with Vibe Magazine last February that he and Andre are on great terms. Big Boi also said that before he released his most recent solo record, he asked Andre to listen to every track on the album. As they are still good friends, reuniting shouldn’t be an issue. Additionally, it’s been eight years since they’ve worked together—eight years! If solo careers are getting in the way of an OutKast reunion, Big Boi and Andre need to reprioritize.

David-Bowie-0075. David Bowie: The man, the myth, the legend. David Bowie is probably the most-anticipated musician to come out of hiatus. As rumors and speculations surrounding the mysterious musician have existed for years, Bowie has done a pretty good job at staying under the radar. Bowie has hidden from the public since his last world tour in 2004, which curtailed as a result of suffering a stroke. Since then, he has remained relatively silent and out of the spotlight.

Every year before the Coachella lineup is released, rumors about Bowie headlining one of the nights spreads like wildfire via social media, the festival message boards, and blogs. Up until this year, the likelihood of Bowie performing was slim to none. Just as everyone had accepted the reality that Bowie had probably retired, fans, and media were stunned when he released an album of new material titled, Zeit! 77-79, in March 2013. But the additional shock that threw Bowie lovers into frenzy came when the news surfaced about his vocal part on the new Arcade Fire song “Reflektor.”

Bowie is the most active he’s been in years, and I can’t help but have hope for a Bowie comeback—and I know I’m not the only one. The likelihood of Bowie performing live concerts in the past was slim to none, considering his involvement in the media and music industry was non-existent. Now that he has a new album and has collaborated with a major modern-rock band—albeit minimally— the likelihood of Bowie going on tour is more likely than ever. Additionally, as the man has been hiding from the world for the last 10 years, he needs to show the world he’s still got it. 

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