We The Kings
Takes Us Somewhere, Somehow

By Andrew Mathwick

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Remember back in 2005 or 2006 when you went on Myspace everyday? Remember all those bands that your friends had in their top eight? Remember that one band your friend showed you? Well, that band was probably We The Kings. Turns out, it’s still a band, and it’s better than ever, with its newly released fourth album, Somewhere Somehow.

We The Kings has undergone many changes since its last record, adding YouTube famous Charles Trippy to slap the bass, and half John Stamos, half Wolverine vocalist/pianist/guitarist Coley O’Toole. Another major change We The Kings went through was becoming an independent band, not relying on a record company for album support. The groups was able to do this all thanks to its fans, and an indiegogo campaign during which it managed to raise $149,453, out of a $35,000 goal, plenty to finish the album.

WeTheKings.1Somewhere Somehow was released mid-December, and hovered at the No. 2 spot on the iTunes top album charts, sandwiched between two Beyonce albums, before it eventually made it’s way to No. 1, and for good reason. Somewhere Somehow has some of the catchiest, danciest songs you’ll ever hear. These are the songs you listen to alone in your car with the volume at its peak. The songs you sing along to, not caring who sees, just because they make you feel so pumped/boosted (there is an 85% chance you will listen to this album, then go do a bunch of productive things because you will be so boosted).

We The Kings uses a very effective formula in creating this music: songs about relationships with upbeat instrumentals, and while not all the lyrics on this album are happy feely, the band manages to make us feel good no matter the situation. I highly recommend

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