PRZMAN: The Martha Stewart Of Men’s Lifestyle

By Marina Anderson


Too embarrassed yourself to ask just anyone about those personal grooming questions like “man-scaping” or urinal etiquette? How about everyday routines like shaving? What do you and countless others have in common?  You’re looking for the source to get not just solid information, but helpful tips that actually work. Where would you find what you need all in one spot? PRZMAN.COM. Yep, we’re talking about men’s grooming and lifestyle expert, PIROOZ SARSHAR, otherwise known as the “Martha Stewart of Men’s Lifestyle.” He’s the GGT – “guy’s go to” and wing-man. A guru of sorts in the man’s world, he has the answers to what men seek with a straightforward, honest approach, flair, sense of humor and a tad of irreverence.

“In general men are embarrassed to talk about their nails or what shampoo they use or styling products and skin care. More and more men are starting to bypass the stigma and talk about such subjects.” Under the PRZ label, he’s created a line of hot-selling shaving products that contain the best ingredients (including organic) and use secrets of the world’s best barbers.

Launching the new website,, has all new products and services. There’s entertaining info like strategizing tips on things like how to get the best reservation in a restaurant to what’s a great gift for your girlfriend, to fitness, nutrition, recipes and even, whoa …vices! Check. It. Out!

“It’s the place you come to where you can learn anything from cleaning your kitchen floor to grooming. Whether he’s using mascara, a shampoo, conditioner or whatever, men don’t want to share their information. They want to keep it private, but more and more men are spending money on more and more grooming products because they are embarrassed to talk about it. It’s just a guy thing.”

piroozman mens lifestylePirooz, who became an expert on men unintentionally, earned his trusted reputation built on years of experience from the ground up. His status didn’t happen overnight. All the years of researching products and training he received from a variety of jobs started in Washington D.C. with his mother, who used Pirooz as a guinea pig for testing various haircuts and colors.

“I’d always get suckered into things. Like my mom would say she was having a class on perms, but didn’t have model, ‘let’s throw him in’…ya know?” He laughs, “ It got to a point where I’d shave my head because I was embarrassed. A lot of abuse went on!”

The content of his soon-to-be finished book is timeless. What he does and talks about has nothing to do with trend. Branching out into guesting seminars, public speaking as well continuing private consultations and appearances in the media, this pioneer in the grooming market leads the way with the newest finds and how-tos.

Not all men are taught the basics of every day routines -- how to do laundry, cook, clean, organize…” Pirooz says. Also, “Men should embrace what makes them different and unique.” The book will be addressing a comprehensive list of categories that give step-by-step advice and instruction from grooming to cleaning the bathroom.

This info, by the way, isn’t just for guys! I found myself reading about the proper way to trim a beard (even women wonder about these things) and trying out a couple of the healthy recipes. OK, I peeked at the vices section too!

PRZMan streamlines it all. “There’s a way to help men get motivated and stay motivated and not feel freakish about what they are doing to achieve that happiness and contentment.” Some of the most intelligent men are insecure and make things too complicated.”

His ultimate goal? “To get men feeling good about themselves and motivated” as well as provide exceptional grooming products and living advice to men of all backgrounds and skin types.

Read PRZMAN Shaving Tips here.

Want to get more info about PRZMAN? Easy!

Photo Credits: Christopher Robbins (suit) and Daniel Seth Page (group shot)

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